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Conference Layout

Thanks to an early planning start there should be sufficient time for preparation both on the contentual and the organisational levels. Ideas from interested parties are welcome, and a lot will of course depend on the number of registrations. The event is planned for a duration of three actual working days during the final 2023 September week.

The actual conference will be based on proven state-of-the-art structures, comprising plenary, sub-plenary, and syndicate sessions with a special emphasis on exchange, reflexion, and communication  among participants. A visit to the local museum (see "Auden´s Summer Home" above) will be integrated into the agenda.

The range of subjects covered is still open to suggestions and will be finalized  during fall this year by the Organising Committee´s Programme Group alongside with a call for papers.

Please indicate your interest in attending the Conference by letting us have your contact details via the "Contact Details" form in the top menu. This is of course a non-binding registration for communication purposes only. Alternatively, feel free to get in touch through

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