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W.H. Auden´s house today ...

... has retained its basic architecture through several changes of owners after Chester Kalman had first inherited it. Auden´s "Smithy" has been maintained in its original form (pictures top centre  and left centre), the larger part of the adjacent attic has been turned into a small Auden museum whose concept gives visitors a warm feeling of care, empathy and professionalism. Auden´s study even today conveys a sense of presence, life in the country, and the 50ies´ vintage.


Where a letter to Inland Revenue touched on poetry theory -


One of the exhibits in the rear is a copy of a typed letter Auden sent to the Austrian IR authorities dealing with a tax claim they had presented with regard to the prize money (Feltrinelli / Venice)  he had invested in his property here. In it, he slightly ironically discusses the inception of a poem  in terms of tax-related geography. - However, this is just one piece in a number of memorabilia on a scale appropriate for this space.

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